Study Methods

In this module we will be working on your personal learning style. We will look at different approaches to learning from Time management to organizing your study space to diary keeping

Memory methods

Improving your memory trough different skills as well as looking into the difference between your Left and right brain hemisphere.

WRITING skills

Writing assignment can be very stressful but very rewarding if you do it correctly. Like most other activities like going on holiday organizing a party, writing also need a lot of planning.


Test your reading speed and become a better reader. 

Why should I take class notes? Tips and shortcuts for taking notes. 5 steps to the perfect summary


Group work focuses on developing interpersonal skills that will help group projects to run smoothly, examining how to be an effective group member as well as how to speak in a group and talking and listening skills.


How to prepare for exams with effective revision methods and strategies. What to do the week and night before exam and on exam day. 

Elements in this course

Just some elements we touch on during the course

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